On the menu: Kilombero rice

Discover where Kilombero rice is grown, how you can cook with less carbon and our rice dish recommendations...

On the menu: Kilombero rice

Have you noticed the fresh new look of JTS - Just Trading Scotland Kilombero rice? It’s still the same great-tasting product, but with a rebrand to True Origin, and now in recyclable packaging!

True Origin works with a network of smallholder farmers to source the finest ethical food, “our desire is to make the world fairer for our products, by offering them a sustainable income. Our ultimate goal is to have true impact at origin, through food.”

Kilombero rice grain is hand sown in the rich soils of Northern Malawi. The environmentally-friendly traditional harvesting methods creates an aromatic flavour and richness of taste.

The sale of these newly sized 500g bags help Malawi's smallholder farmers reap the benefits of fair trade. With a sustainable income, they can escape poverty and provide a brighter future for their children.

A bag of rice can change a life!

To be as sustainable and ethically conscious as possible, we want to share the Ethical Consumer's guide on how to cook rice with less carbon:

  • Pre-soak rice for at least 30 mins before cooking to reduce cooking time.
  • Match the pan size with the hob size or flame to reduce heat loss.
  • Use approximately two cups of water for every cup of rice.
  • Use an electric rice cooker or saucepan with its lid on, to reduce energy use.
  • Turn off or lower the heat when the water starts to boil and leave until all the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked.
  • Don’t bin leftover rice! Cool it down quickly by plunging the pan into a bowl of cold water (to prevent the bacteria Bacillus Cereus from flourishing) and use leftover rice to make stuffed vegetables, a cold salad or fried rice balls. Rinsing rice before cooking also helps it keep for longer.

Feeling hungry yet? We've got some recipes to get you inspired...

Our seafood paella is the perfect dish to delve into this summer. Bursting with peas, prawns and your favourite seafood additions, this rice dish is packed full of flavour. Enjoy with crusty bread and a crisp white wine!

Smoked haddock kedgeree is a classic breakfast dish which combines spiced rice, flaky haddock and boiled eggs. In the 1800's, fish caught early in the morning wouldn't keep throughout the day during the hotter months, so it made sense to enjoy with breakfast. Enjoy this 'British biryani' with the nutty and aromatic Kilombero rice, to make a flavourful feast!

True Origin Kilombero rice can be found in the special Malawi section in our stores. A portion of the sales from these products will fund the work of the Malawi Federation of Co-Operatives LTD and improve the lives of smallholder farmers.