Lovers of leftovers

Fall back in love with your leftovers...

Lovers of leftovers

It's important to remember that leftovers don't mean repeating the same meal. Refresh your plate with these fun foody ideas that will get your mouth watering. If you try out any of our suggestions, we'd love to see your festive creations on our socials! Which one's your favourite?

Cheese chaos

Got the odd chunk of Cheddar or Red Leicester left on the cheese board? Well to help you clear through the fridge, why not put the scrumptious scraps to good use as cheese straws! A savoury snack that can be paired with leftover dip, pickles and chutneys too. Find our cheese straw recipe here.

Another quick win to use up leftover cheese, is making brie and cranberry puffs. A simple yet tasty solution that clears out that half-finished jar of cranberry sauce from the fridge, too!

Crackers for crackers

Bought a few too many varieties of biscuits for cheese? Well if you have some crackers spare, a good way to use them up is as dinner toppers. Give your pasta a crunchy topping by crumbling crackers and adding a few grates of cheese. A few minutes under the grill and this warming dinner is ready to be enjoyed!

Delight in desserts

Who else has days of “which dessert would you like to finish off?”. Mix it up - quite literally! - by crumbling up excess Christmas pudding, cake, panettone and mince pies. Pop them under the grill to lightly toast and crisp up, and then sprinkle over ice cream. Reignite your love for festive desserts whilst making space in your fridge!

Chocolate truffles

If you haven't polished off the nuts and pretzels in your household, why not try out the delicious recipe for chocolate and nut truffles? Our recipe showcases Nutcellars' macadamia nuts and butter, which are both vegan, gluten free and part of Our Malawi Partnership.

Bubble and squeak

The classic Boxing Day brunch! Chop up leftover veggies and roast potatoes, then fry up into an omelette-style delight. With this dish anything goes, the more leftovers, the merrier. Top off with a poached egg for a truly brilliant breakfast!

Turkey lasagne recipe

Need a delicious way to use up turkey? Try our healthy-ish turkey lasagne recipe, ideal for warming up with after a brisk winter walk!

Kitchen cupboard cleanse

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best, and in this case, throwing sweet treats together in a bowl is genius! Leftover choccies, nuts and marshmallows with digestives would make a yummy homemade rocky road. Throw in some candied clementines to make indulgent florentines. Or add popcorn into the mix for the best movie marathon snack to munch on!

That's got us feeling peckish! Don't forget to share your creations with us on our socials. We'd love to know which leftover suggestion you love the most.