Co-op Generation is here!

We're excited to launch a new opportunity for young people in our communities.

Co-op Generation is here!

Did you know, to become a Central Co-op Member you must be 16 or over? But following your feedback and building on our commitment to further support young people in our communities, we’re offering under 16s the opportunity to take that first step into Membership.

We’re running a 4-week pilot introducing Co-op Generation cards. These cards will be linked to your account as their parent or guardian. You’ll earn points on your Central Co-op Membership account for their spend, and they’ll be able to access our Member prices in store!

You’ve only got until 31st May to apply for a Co-op Generation card, so don’t miss out! When the cardholder turns 16 their card will expire because that's when they can join Central Co-op Membership with their own account.​

Head on over to our Co-op Generation webpage where you can find out more information and apply for a card!

Did you know we also offer work experience and a wide range of apprenticeship schemes?

We know how tough it can be to get into a rewarding career, so we're helping young people take the first step and thrive with us. Find out more here. 

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