Winter warmers

Get cosy this season with our easy to make, winter warmers...

Winter warmers

Feel instantly festive with these five winter warmers. From mulled wine to spiced orange rice pudding, you’ll warm up in no time and be ready to celebrate the festive season.

Mulled wine wishes

Let's start with the classic! Mulled wine is the most warming drink when it comes to winter. The added citrus fruit and spice creates a festive favourite that goes down a treat when greeting guests. To keep it low maintenance, pop a couple of mulled wine bottles into the slow cooker. With all the flavourings already infused, you don't need to add any extras, but slices of orange and cinnamon sticks give off an extra special vibe if you're trying to impress! If you’d rather try your hand at flavouring your own wine, we’ve got the recipe ready to go.

Scrumptious s’mores

A favourite campfire snack, not only are s’mores an indulgent treat, they’re also fun and easy to make. Toast marshmallows so they start to melt. Sandwich between two Lotus Biscoff caramelised biscuits and a chunk of Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade Single Origin dark chocolate. For an extra chocolatey kick, include a delicious dollop of Nutcellars’ chocolate macadamia nut butter. This makes for a fluffy, nutty, creamy, caramel creation that will warm you up in no time!

Spice up your life

Our zesty spiced orange rice pudding is bound to get you warmed up and in the festive spirit. Kilombero rice will add a richness of taste and enhance the spiced orange flavours. By purchasing True Origin's Kilombero rice you're helping Malawi's smallholder farmers reap the benefits of fair trade.

Hibernation hot chocolate

A sure-fire way to warm up is with a hot drink, and at this time of year, the classic hot chocolate just can’t be beaten! We’ve perfected the process so you can enjoy a cosy cuppa in the comfort of your home.


  • Pour ½ cup of Co-op British double cream into a bowl and whisk for 3-5 minutes, until the cream forms soft peaks.
  • Put 3 heaped teaspoons of Co-op instant hot chocolate powder into your favourite mug.
  • Add a dash of hot water or milk and mix to form a wet paste.
  • Pour in 200ml of hot water and stir for 1 minute.
  • Spoon the whipped cream onto the hot drink, being careful not to splash the liquid.
  • Sprinkle a handful of Co-op marshmallows onto the cream as a gooey finishing touch.

Alabama Santa

A must for all festive drinkers with a sweet tooth! This fruity number is full of zesty fruit flavours which enhance the smooth amaretto notes. Although served cold, the warmth of Disaronno and Southern Comfort will leave you feeling festively fiery! Try our Alabama Santa recipe now.

By now you should be full of festive cheer and ready to enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. Which winter warmer is your favourite?