We're doubling the number of Member offers in store!

Take a sneak peek at the new Co-operative Member offers that'll be landing in store soon as part of an exciting trial!

We're doubling the number of Member offers in store!

That's right, there are even more offers in store for Members, but these are slightly different...

In September, we asked you for your feedback to help us shape the future of Membership. We heard from over 4,000 Members and we're over the moon that you all took the time to take part in this democratic activity by having your say.

You gave us loads of ideas and feedback on the things you like about what we do now as well as suggestions about things we could do differently. So as we look ahead through 2024, you’ll see us test and trial some of these ideas. We might not always get it right, but what we really hope, is that you tell us what you think along the way.

One thing you told us, was that the Member prices mean a great deal to you, it’s a way of being instantly rewarded for shopping with us. But, what can sometimes be a bit confusing is seeing an offer advertised in a different Co-operative Society not being valid in your Central Co-op store.

We want to bring you even more great value and improve your shopping experience, so from the week commencing 22nd January 2024, we'll be trialling over 100 new Co-operative Member offers in store.

What's different about these offers?

These new discounts are in addition to the over 100 Member prices you see in store today. But these 113 products are offers you’ll see in other Societies across the UK too.

We’re taking on board your feedback and in Central Co-op stores only, we’re trialling these promotions being valid when other Societies’ Members use their cards too. It’s a way of us seeing if we can put principle 6 (Co-operatives, working with and supporting other co-ops) into action in a way that helps people who are just popping into one of our stores and may not be a Member of Central Co-op.

For our Members, you’ll be able to access these discounts too. You don’t need to do anything differently, just keep scanning your card when you checkout at the till or self-checkout and see these savings automatically apply.

We’ve tried to make it clear in store which offers apply to other Societies’ Members compared to the discounts exclusive to our Members, we’ve got some pictures below to show the difference to look out for.

Are there any other changes planned for Membership?

You gave us loads of feedback and ideas as part of our research last year, thank you! We’re working through what that means for Membership moving forward, in a way that makes Membership rewarding and meaningful for you, gives back to our communities and maintains what we’re proud of, that makes us different as a Co-op.

Up next, we’re looking to launch personalised offers for you, be that in the Membership App, or as vouchers at the till, so stay tuned over the next few weeks as we begin to try these out (we’re hoping to have these live in March!).

Why is there more than one Co-op Society?

Although independent of each other, we share Co-operative principles, and therefore try to work in partnership with all Co-operatives. By introducing Co-operative Member offers, we're hoping to ease some of this confusion, making it easier for you to shop with us.

Do I need to be a Member of every Co-op Society?

The trial of these new Co-operative Member offers takes away the need to have a specific Membership card of the Co-op store you're in. However, as each Co-operative Society operates independently, we recommend you join the Membership of each Co-op that you use most regularly, to gain full Member benefits.

If you're not already a Central Co-op Member, but would like to make the most of our Member exclusive offers, you can join Central Co-op today.

Keep us in the loop

These Co-operative Member offers are part of a trial, so we're keen to know what you think!

We encourage you to share your feedback with us on how easy or difficult these offers are to find in store, if the in-store messaging is clear, and if you feel these offers are beneficial to you. Contact us over email at members@centralcoop.co.uk, share your thoughts with us at our upcoming Members’ Meeting, or private message us on X, Facebook or Instagram.

We’re looking forward to gathering your views in the future to help shape our approach to Membership.

Happy shopping!

Sarah Dickins

Chief Member, Customer & People Officer at Central Co-op