Streethay Primary supports the 'Rice Challenge'

Streethay Primary supports the 'Rice Challenge'

During May and June we challenged the students of Streethay Primary School in Lichfield to take part in the '90GK Rice Challenge'

The rice challenge, challenges young people and their families to buy 90KG of fairly traded Kilombero rice. Buying 90KG of Kilombero rice is all it takes to send a young person to secondary school in Malawi! Primary education is free, but secondary education in Malawi is not, and the buying of this rice supports farmers in Malawi to continue send their children to school and complete their education.

The young people at Streethay school not only completed their challenge, but smashed it by buying 207 bags of rice. During the assembly i held to let them know how they did, I asked some of the students to let me know what they did with the rice; Some cooked, and I heard about the tasty meals they made, some donated it to their local foodbank (not only supporting people in Malawi, but also helping local families in the UK), some told me how they had created art with their rice, and one family made musical noise makers with the rice.

This was a great way to help educate our young people on what happens with food production in developing countries, and how our Malawi partnership at Central Co-op is supporting the wider Malawi community.

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