Supporting LGBTQIA+ causes through our ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ Pride range

Our partnership with Oxfam aims to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQIA+ communities globally through the sale of the ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ Pride range in our stores.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ causes through our ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ Pride range

At Central Co-op, we are committed to fostering inclusivity and supporting marginalised communities both at home and worldwide. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Oxfam, aimed at raising awareness and funds for LGBTQIA+ communities globally through the sale of the ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ Pride range in our stores.

We are thrilled to host Oxfam Pride products, with exclusive items, including Pride keyrings, travel cups and fabulous fans available at 24 stores in areas where we are supporting Pride events: Birmingham, Peterborough, Corby, Lichfield, Chesterfield, Belper, Lowestoft and Ashby-de-la-Zouch. A portion of the sales from these vibrant and meaningful products will be donated to Oxfam's LGBTQIA+ charities, providing essential support for communities worldwide.

We believe that everyone has the human right to dignity and freedom of sexual identity, gender identity and expression. Oxfam’s motto, "none of us are safe until we are all safe," echoes our commitment to combating discrimination. Despite progress, LGBTQIA+ people around the world continue to face systemic discrimination, increasing their likelihood of experiencing homelessness, violence, mental health issues and unemployment.

Oxfam's mission is to work with communities and organisations worldwide to create a just world where people can live with dignity, have their basic needs met, and their fundamental rights respected. Supporting LGBTQIA+ people is integral to Oxfam's broader efforts to end poverty and inequality.
Through our partnership, a portion of the profits from the Pride range will directly benefit LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide, including in Ukraine, Kenya and Lebanon…

  • Ukraine: Amid the ongoing conflict, LGBTQIA+ individuals face unique challenges, including being misgendered and discriminated against when seeking refuge. Oxfam collaborates with Gay Alliance Ukraine, empowering the community through advocacy, human rights efforts and improving living conditions.
  • Kenya: In Nairobi, Usikimye, a dynamic women's rights organisation, combats gender-based violence and supports LGBTQIA+ members by creating safe spaces and providing essential services like legal and medical assistance. This initiative is part of Oxfam's Women's Rights Fund, which also operates in Palestine.
  • Lebanon: The LGBTQIA+ community in Lebanon has been severely impacted by the 2020 Beirut blast, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing economic crisis. Oxfam’s research report, "Queer Community in Crisis: Trauma, Inequality & Vulnerability," highlights the urgent needs of Lebanon’s queer communities. Oxfam is dedicated to addressing these crises and supporting LGBTQIA+ individuals through targeted interventions.

Join us in making a difference by purchasing items from our ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ Pride range - not only celebrating Pride but also contributing to meaningful change for LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. Together, we can help ensure that everyone, regardless of their sexual or gender identity, can live with dignity and respect.

Because when we support each other, we create a more inclusive, just and equitable world for all.

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