Society elections: Have your say!

Find out more on our Society elections and don't miss out on having your say. Is it your time to make a difference?

Society elections: Have your say!

How you can help shape our future

Central Co-op is a Member-owned and Member-led Co-operative Society. So, as a Member, you part-own Central Co-op! Being part of our Co-operative means contributing to the impact we have on our local communities, benefitting from our profits and building strong relationships with other Members in your area.

We also give our Members a voice in choosing how our Society operates. You can help us make decisions on how we work as a community by attending our bi-annual Members' Meetings, or by being part of our Board of Directors or Membership & Community Councils (MCCs).

Our Board and MCCs help shape how we do business; they represent the views of our Members and customers. We currently have several seats available for our Members and colleagues to fill. If you feel this could be you, find out more here.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

If you meet the criteria for these important & influential roles, and you’re a passionate, engaged Central Co-op Member, then we’d love to hear from you.

Brad Tuckfield was elected to the Board as a colleague representative in the Eastern Region in 2023. Hear from Brad about why you should think about getting involved.

Next steps

With the future of Membership being re-shaped to closer align with our Members’ interests, there’s no better time to get involved.

Nominations close on Friday 23rd February. Voting opens in April and will be closely followed by the election results in May.

If you’re keen to have your say, but don’t meet the criteria or have time to spare, join us in May for our next Members’ Meeting. Details will be shared soon, so keep an eye out!