January 31, 2022

Member Activity in the West Midlands

Member Activity in the West Midlands

Are you a member of Central England Co-op? If so there is much more to membership than using your card in our shops! If you're not a member and want to take part, please visit https://membership.centralengland.coop/ to join.

Across our trading region we have groups and activity for members to attend and take part in at special member prices. Since the Co-op movement started in 1844 community activity has been taking place to enhance the lives of our members as part of our founding Values and Principles.

with Dancing, Table Table Tennis, Gardening, Film, and History Groups there is an activity for everyone to take part in.

Below is a list of groups and activity we currently have running in the West Midlands. If you would like to take part or would like to see a group created in your area, please get in touch with me using the the following email; member.community@centralengland.coop