Community Games in Kings Norton

Community Games in Kings Norton

On Saturday the 15th of August James and myself attended the Kings Norton games. This is the second year that I've represented Central England Co-op at the Kings Norton Games. Just like last year a whole host of community groups and sports societies provided activities for the community of Hawkesley to enjoy.

We had a couple of games to play at our gazebo. We had a game where you throw bean bags at tin can targets and a game where you had to throw large darts into hoops. Both game were popular with the kids. Every child got a sticker book, and once they took part in an activity they got a sticker for their book. Once they completed eight games they got a medal. Lots of children proudly presented their medals once they had completed eight activities. We also handed out apples and bananas to the children and occasionally a sweet when one successfully completed one of our games.

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We also got the opportunity to have a go at some of the games. I tried to throw Rugby balls through a target, with mixed success and both James and myself played a bit of Squash.

It was great to support a community event for the second year in a row. The Kings Norton Games takes place about two miles from my house so it is fantastic that Central England Co-op is able to support community events in my local community.

Shaz Rahman