August 5, 2022

Common Ground Camp

Common Ground Camp

We are delighted that the first International Woodcraft Folk Camp for six years is taking place in our trading area at Kelmarsh Hall near Market Harborough.

The 10 day camp has catered for over 2,500 young people from both the UK and abroad.  The camp has been divided into 26 towns within the grounds, with over 200 workshop, debates, and entertainment taking place.

The young people have helped to organise the camp and have been allocated  various duties from cooking, washing up and cleaning etc.  They have their own radio station to broadcast what is going on, and a media tent where young people can share their films, which is then edited and shared with the camp - both activities are managed by the young people.

Central England Co-op were pleased to provide some of the food and provisions for the camp and enjoyed being shown around, and meeting some of the young people.