Celebrating Co-op Fortnight – 22nd June -5th July 2020

Celebrating Co-op Fortnight – 22nd June -5th July 2020

A story of co-operation through these uncertain times to mark Co-op Fortnight.

When Hilary Allen, Chair of the Southern MCC, is not busy supporting the Membership & Community Council or supporting the Society working in store during the pandemic, she turns her attention to supporting the Glenfield Co-operative Choir, as one of its members.

Hilary has been keeping the Choir entertained and their spirits up by sharing weekly updates of what she has been up to during the week and sharing photos of her wonderful garden, where Hilary and her husband Dave enjoy spending time.

This is her latest update:

"Hello Lovely Choir,

I can't believe how cold and wet it is this afternoon, I have become so accustomed to the hot, sunny days that I assumed they would last until October, or until we are all free to live our lives in normality again at the very least. We have been spending lots of time in the garden (not today, obviously!) and our latest project started with rescuing some guttering out of a neighbour's skip. After lugging it home, lots of soapy water and elbow grease later, we were ready to start painting. It took 3 coats and a lot of paintbrushes - we painted each section a different colour, but it did dry quickly in the sunshine. We have filled it with compost and bedding plants, and I am really pleased with the results. I have attached a photo so you can see what I mean, it's quite hard to imagine what it looks like.

We have a very small cherry tree in the garden, in a pot. Last year, it only had a handful of cherries on, but they are my husband's favourite fruit so he was really looking forward to eating them. He was very upset when the birds came very early on the morning that they ripened and ate the lot!! He hasn't forgiven them yet. This year, there are lots more cherries, maybe 30 or 40. However, as I am looking out of the window typing, I can see Mrs. Blackbird swooping over the fence and nabbing the cherries in the rain. I think I will have a disappointed husband again this year. We could net the tree, but I think that deep down, we now feel that we are growing the cherries for the birds. And it is making us laugh (well, me anyway!!)

We haven't had any parties in the back garden yet or  been to the seaside  so I have no exciting news about the new extended freedoms. I did see a picture in the paper of a 5ft wide sun hat, so maybe that is the future.

I am missing singing with you all, starting with Geoff's breathing exercises (deep breathing rather than the heavy breathing, which is probably closer to how it sounds at the moment, with the extra eating and less doing!!), Mary's incredible playing to keep us on the right notes (hopefully) and singing together, which always brings a smile to my face, and really lifts the spirits. There is nothing like it - although I do sing along to the radio when I am on my own in the car, it doesn't come anywhere close to harmonising with the other voices of the choir.

Love to you all, keep singing and keep sending all your news and photos through, it's great to hear what you are all getting up to."

Thank you Hilary – you truly are a great co-operator!