April 25, 2023

Area Managers Volunteer at Community Garden

Area Managers Volunteer at Community Garden

Last week Kayleigh, Matt, Ben, and Craig from our Large Store Area Manager group joined me at Allens Cross Community Garden in Northfield to give back to our local community through Central Co-op Volunteering Scheme.

During the morning we tidied and repainted the inside of the Bee Education Hut. The Bee Education Hut is a space where schools come along to learn about bees and the importance of them for the food we eat. Looking out of the Bee Hut there is 2 Top Bar natural bee hives with around 50,000 bees in each hive.

Once the rain had stopped the team tidied and repainted the outside of the Bee Hut to help protect from the elements and also making it look amazing.

A great team effort in supporting our local community.