Our Malawi Partnership

Growth through co-operative trade

Our Malawi Partnership

We’ve launched a Co-operative International Trading Development Fund to help move communities across the world out of poverty.

In the true spirit of co-operation, we’re working with Co-op College alongside
the Malawi Federation of Co-operatives (MAFECO) on the first focus for our fund, Malawi in south-eastern Africa.

We’re consulting with producers and farmers in Malawi to develop a relevant programme of support for an initiative we’ve called Our Malawi Partnership.

Make a difference

From the 2nd July 2022 (the 100 International Day of Co-operatives) you will find purpose-made display units in all of our stores with products you can buy in support of the initiative.  We're also building the fund by putting aside a percentage from every Co-op Fairtrade product purchase you make.

You can read more about the Fund, Our Malawi Partnership and how you can make a difference HERE