International Women’s Day: Inspiring women every day

At Central Co-op, we believe in the power of diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

International Women’s Day: Inspiring women every day

At Central Co-op, we believe in the power of diversity, inclusion and empowerment. That's why we're thrilled to announce that two of our amazing colleagues, Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi FCA, our Chief Financial Officer, and Claire Koziol, Head of Talent, have been featured in Diversity in Retail's 2024 Women to Watch in Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail Index. Joining the ranks of 100 inspiring women across various sectors, Selina and Claire exemplify the dedication, leadership and innovation that define our Society.

Claire Koziol's journey through the retail sector is a testament to her resilience and determination. Starting as a part-time checkout operator, Claire's passion for developing others and creating a positive working environment propelled her into various leadership roles. From field operations to Head of Talent at Central Co-op, Claire's commitment to supporting her team and fostering growth embodies our core values.

Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi brings a wealth of experience and leadership to Central Co-op. With a background spanning Amazon, Burberry, Very and startups, Selina's focus on inclusive, high-performance cultures has driven her career. As a champion of community-driven innovation and development, Selina's impact extends beyond our Society, influencing future finance leaders and promoting women in leadership roles.

On the 6th of March, Central Co-op hosted a Women's Voices event, bringing together female Members and colleagues to celebrate International Women's Day. We heard from inspiring speakers like MP Stella Creasy and Sharon Manboard-Jones from West Midlands Police’s Offender to Rehab programme, as well as taking part in some fascinating workshops - the event showcased the diverse contributions of women in our community. CEO Debbie Robinson and female board members delivered heartfelt speeches, emphasising our commitment to gender equality and inclusivity.

But our dedication to empowering women extends beyond International Women's Day. Over the past 18 months, we've listened to our colleagues and taken concrete steps to create a more inclusive workplace:

Diverse representation: We are committed to achieving at least 50% female representation across all roles by 2025, ensuring equal opportunities for all

Supportive environment: Our WorkFlex Flexible Working pilot and policies supporting menopause, fertility and pregnancy loss prioritise the well-being of our female colleagues

Leadership development: We invest in female leadership programs to nurture talent and provide opportunities for growth and advancement

Women to watch: Recognising the achievements of women like Claire Koziol and Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi inspires others and drives positive change within our Society.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our gender inclusion network, providing a platform for women to share experiences, identify challenges and drive meaningful action. Led by CEO Debbie Robinson, this initiative underscores our commitment to creating a Society where gender opportunities and balance are fair for all.

At Central Co-op, every day is an opportunity to celebrate and empower women. Together, we will continue to champion diversity, foster inclusivity and create a workplace where every voice is heard and valued. Join us as we strive for a more equitable and inclusive future. Happy International Women's Day!