Funeral & Southern MCC Support Dying Matters Week

Funeral & Southern MCC Support Dying Matters Week
Let's Talk

This year, Dying Matters Week takes place from 6th-12th May 2024. Dying Matters is a coalition of individual and organisational members across England and Wales, which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make plans for the end of life.

It is also an opportunity for us to engage with our members and the local community over a cup of tea and start conversations and answer questions related to dying in an informal and relaxed environment.

On Thursday 9th May, we will be at our Oakham Store from 930am-12.00 and we will be joined by the Brodie Hodges Foundation. The Brodie Hodges Foundation was formed in 2013 to support families who have been bereaved of a child of any age and to promote organ donation. Their vision is to give hope to families bereaved of a child by providing a range of services that support grieving families and to encourage them to rebuild and remember.

On Friday 10th May, we will be holding a coffee morning at the Rothwell Library in Northants from 10-12.00. We will be joined by North Northants Council's health and wellbeing team who will be providing free health checks.