July 19, 2019

FairTrade in Dudley

FairTrade in Dudley

Yesterday I was invited to spend the day with Year 7 and 8 students to deliver a talk on Fairtrade and talk about Central England Co-operative and the Co-operative Movement.

I taked to the students about Fairtrade and we dscussed how Fairtrade helps and supports people in developing countries to make sure that they are paid the right amount for the products that they grow.

After we had spoken about Fairtrade we discussed Central England Co-operative and the Co-operative Movement and how the Co-operative business model is different, and is run for their members and the community where they trade.  It was great seeing how at the start of the session some of the young people didn't care where their food came from to, some of the group thinking that they should really buy products that they know are ethically sourced.

A great day talking to over 100 students.