Co-op Fortnight 1 Week In

Co-op Fortnight 1 Week In

This week we have been celebrating the first week of Co-ops Fortnight with activity and promotion of the period in which we celebrate all things Co-op for two weeks.

I started the week with visiting some of our stores and talking to our colleagues about how important it is to celebrate our 'Co-opyness' and how we support our communities and members and make a real difference. Our stores this fortnight are promoting Co-op brand products and how they are fantastic quality and have an ethical stance behind them

Do Good, Give Good, Feel Good! Co-op products on offer

Later in the week I visited one of our member groups. Our Line Dancing member group meet on Thursdays and Fridays in central Birmingham. Our member groups allow us to offer activities that allign to our Values and Principles. This also allows us to support our members to have social events and get active in a fun low impact way  

Lind Dancers keepig active

Our activity this week ended with MCC Ambassador Shaz and myself supporting our community education beehive. This hive is situated in an inner city community garden where young people are invited along to see how bees work and also how important they are to our ecosystem

Look out for more information on what we are doing for Co-ops Fortnight next week.